Missing Maine Landscapes:

An Open Themed Members Show

September, 2020

Work by 17 UMVA member artists in response to places

or things that have been removed, obscured, replaced, or that disappear

(and sometimes re-appear) in the landscapes Maine artists inhabit.


Amy Bellezza_The Ocean Cannot Speak for

Amy Bellezza 


The Ocean Cannot Speak for Itself

Photograph, 14x11, 2020, $250 

Higgins Beach may not be that threatened today, by keeping dogs on-leash or off the beach altogether, but there could come a day.

The beach has been listed by Maine Audubon as one of their Important Bird Areas (IBA). Piping Plovers, being one of the more popular birds, build their nests along the sand dunes that are in danger of erosion due to, more notably, construction of homes, parking lots, and other things like seawalls that encroach on the beach causing it to be destroyed. 
Habitat loss for these birds also includes toxic waste caused primarily by mercury and lead, oil spills off the coast, noise and of course, climate change.  For instance, the purpose of a sea wall is to protect areas of human habitation, conservation and leisure activities from the action of tides, waves, or tsunamis;  but what about the birds?

Jennifer Booher


Jennifer Booher

Taraxacum officinale

Photograph, 18x22 framed, 2020 $300


Jennifer Booher 

Viola sororia

Photograph, 18x22 framed, 2020, $300


Jennifer Booher 

Houstonia caerulea

Photograph, 18x22 framed, 2020, $300

Rush Brown

Rush Brown_ View from the Edge of the Vi

Rush Brown

The Oil Rigs and Scotia Prince from Old Newbury Street

Acrylic on Canvas, 80x30 $6500 


These images  represent the view from Newbury Street, Portland, ME. It is a slice in time, between that which went before and that which is yet unfolding.

Rush Brown_ The oil Rigs and Scotia Prin

Rush Brown

The oil Rigs and Scotia Prince from Old Newbury Street

Acrylic on canvas, 30x80, $6500

Rush Brown_ Roof of the Village Cafe .jp

Rush Brown

Roof of the Village Cafe

OIl on canvas, 12x16, $1500

Greg Mason Burns

Greg Mason Burns_Squinting at Stinson_Oi

Greg Mason Burns  

Squinting at Stinson

Oil on Canvas, 12x24, 2020,$850

Greg Mason Burns.com

About: I grew up not far from the last sardine cannery in the United States, which was the Stinson plant in Prospect Harbor, ME. I knew several people over the years who either worked there or had family who worked there. It closed at about the time the US Navy base nearby also closed, further economically deteriorating an already poor region of the state. It was not only a sad day for a famously romantic industry in the US, but also for those whose lives depended on that plant. Today, the famous Stinson sign still stands, but only as a marker for history. The plant has been repurposed into the Maine Fair Trade Lobster processing plant, but is owned jointly by companies in Massachusetts and Connecticut. eastern Hancock and Washington counties still remain among the poorest regions in the United States.

Asticou Gardens.jpg

Greg Mason Burns 

Asticou Gardens

Pam Cabanas

Cabanas-Meduncook Rush-2020,diptych-acry

Pam Cabañas

Meduncook Rush (diptych)

Acrylic and watercolor on panels

48x48 overall, 2020 $4800


Cabanas-ReMaine 2, charcoal on prepared

Pam Cabañas

ReMaine 2

Charcoal on prepared panel, 60x30, 2020, $4,200

Cabanas-Peace on the Beach,diptych , acr

Pam Cabañas

Peace on the Beach 1

Diptych, acrylic and watercolor on panels,  60x60 overall, 2020, $6,500

Norma Johnsen


Norma Johnsen

Deering Oaks

Pastel, 17x21 framed, $1000 


Norma Johnsen

Great Black Hawk.

Mixed Media, 22 x 28, $750

JIm Kelly

Jim Kelly_Pepperell Mill .jpg

Jim Kelly

Pepperell Mill

Archival Pigmented Inks, 50x38, 2014, $600


Jim Kelly_ Marble Block Building.jpg

Jim Kelly

Marble Block Building

Archival Pigmented Inks, 38x50, 2014, $600

Janice L. Moore

JaniceLMoore_Highland Farm Reclamation_o

Janice L. Moore

Highland Farm Reclamation

Oil on canvas, 24x30, 2020, $3,200


Maine landscapes are rarely static. There is an ebb and flow I am reminded of every time I discover an old stone wall deep in the woods. I've been obsessively photographing this farm for over twenty years, always with the intention of painting it someday when the time was right. I've captured it throughout its slow decline at different times of day and in different seasons.  I'm guessing  by the details and patina that it's at least 150 years old. When my local historical society reopens, I will get as many details as I can about this place. There used to be one light always on in what I imagine was the kitchen, but as of this summer it's no longer on. The natural landscape is slowly reclaiming this farm bit by small bit

Kris onuf

Onuf_Vanishing Terns 2_monoprint_12x9_20

Kris Onuf

Vanishing Terns Monoprint,  9x12 , 2020, $100


Climate change is altering our planet dramatically. Many species are disappearing. Habitat is lost. Food sources diminish. I have chosen three terns listed as endangered in Maine: the roseate tern, the least tern and the black tern. These are elegant, beautiful birds which lift our hearts. They fly, for now, along the rocky cliffs of the coast and islands. Their seasons, like ours, are numbered.

Onuf_Vanishing Terns 1_monoprint_11x 9 2

Kris Onuf

Vanishing Terns 1

Monoprint 9x11, 2020, $100

Onuf_Last Tern_monoprint_9.5x7_2020_125.

Kris Onuf

Last Tern

Monoprint, 7x9.5, 2020, $125

tammy packie


Tammy Packie

Sharing the Sea's Bounty

8x10 silver print , framed 14x17

All photographs from the series The Last Days of Port Clyde Canning, 2000, NFS


Stop Seining at Dawn.jpeg

Tammy Packie

Stop Seining at Dawn

8x10 silver print, framed 14x17, 1997, NFS

Coming in to the Factory.jpeg

Tammy Packie

Arriving at Factory

8x10 silver print, framed 14x17, 1997, NFS

Jane page-conway


Jane Page-Conway


Archival Pigment Print, 16x20, 2020, $100.00



Jane Page-Conway

Ocean Erosion #3

Archival Pigment Print, 16x16, 2020, $100.00


Jane Page-Conway

Ocean Erosion #1

Archival Pigment Print, 16x20,2020, $100

Roland Salazar

Salazar_Old Mill Wheel_30 X 22_2017_$425

Roland Salazar

Old Mill Wheel

22x30, 2017, $425


Salazar_Country Grist Mill_Mixed_30 X 22

Roland Salazar

Country Grist Mill

Mixed, 22x30, 2017, $425

anne strout

Anne Strout_Mayall Mill_Encaustic,mixed

Anne Strout 

Mayall Mill

Encaustic, mixed media, 18x12, 2018, $250


 Anne Strout_Logging on the Presumpscot_

 Anne Strout

Logging on the Presumpscot

Encaustic, mixed media, 9x13, 2020, $100

Joanne Tarlin


Joanne Tarlin

Fog and Terns over Harpswell Sound

Oil on linen, 16x20, $1600


David Wade

Wade_Portland's Fading Past_Pigment Prin

David Wade

Portland's Fading Past

Pigment Print, 20x16, 2011, $360


Wade_Longfellows Car- Pigment print_11x1

David Wade

Longfellow's Car

Pigment print. 11x14, 2007, $300

Wade_Bird's Eye View_pigment print_15 x1

David Wade

Bird's Eye View

Pigment print, 15 x11, 2017, $350

Jaime Wing


Jaime Wing

Wood block print with silver ink on handmade paper (made with 100% recycled materials), embroidery, 9x6, 2020. $100


Note: The steely skyline of Portland, Maine, subtly textured with vines rooted beneath the urban landscape.  Despite twists and turns, five blooms reach towards the sky: Life, Healing, Vitality, Art and Spirit


Jaime Wing

Birches, 2019 
Screenprint over wood block print with silver ink on navy cotton paper 
8.5x11, $50

Note: An autumn memory from Haystack School of Crafts


Jaime Wing

Stone lithograph, shell, embroidery, 6x6, 2020, $150

Note: Inspired by a recent serene ocean visit, where I found these shell shards, which mimic the rocky coast upon which I found them, jutting out of the high tide like jagged teeth over the swirling kelp.

Mark Barnette

Pike Industries, Westbrook, ME, 2018.jpg

Mark Barnette

Pike Industries, Westbrook, ME

Varnished digital B&W print on mulberry paper, 11.5x13, 2018, $270


Spider web on tracks.jpg

Mark Barnette

Spider webs on the tracks, Cassidy Point, Portland

Digital B&W print, 11x14, 2017, $215

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